French hand gestures

The fact that communication skills are utmost essential for survival cannot be undermined. If you have the right kind of communication skills it is likely that you will be able to compete with the changing world. With the right kind of communication skills it is most probable that you will find ample opportunities to succeed.

French hand gestures play a vital role when it comes to communicating effectively. Hand gestures when used in collaboration with verbal communication or speech it is capable to amplify both the meaning and the expression of the communication.

Though hand gestures just like the name suggests are gestures made by ones hand its use may vary from one region to another. Hand gestures can have different meanings in different nook and corners of the world. The meaning of hand gestures can vary from one country to another.

Hand gestures play an important part of the day to day conversation used in France. Understanding and using French gestures can be tough if you do not have the right kind of exposure to the French culture. French hand gestures are exclusively used all over the country to convey meanings and to make effective communication. When a person is speaking French he/she makes exclusive use of hand gestures. It is amazing to know that hand gestures form a crucial part of the classes that are conducted in French. On top of that facial expressions also find ample uses in French language.


In countries like the United States and the United Kingdom kissing one another demonstrates intimacy whereas in French the exchange of kisses while greeting friends is a norm and it depicts affableness. Although many other cultures also demonstrate a similar kind of norm people tend to relate these kinds of gestures to the French culture.

Shaking hands

The French also demonstrate a different kind of variation when shaking hands in comparison with that done in other countries. Hand gestures are most popular with the French people.

Hand salute

Hand salute is also an important tendency with the French culture. Salute in the French culture demonstrates respect and affableness.

Tap the nose

The French have a tendency to tap the nose to indicate that one is clever of is of quick thinking.

"Du Fric"

One of the most commonly used hand gestures is "Du Fric". It is used to indicate that this very thing is expensive.

"Verre dans le nez"

Another interesting hand gestures used by the French is "Verre dans le nez". This expression is indicative that a person has too much to drink.

"My foot"

One most common use to express doubt or denial in the American culture is the use of "my foot" whereas in the French culture such an expression is made by the eye instead.

The French culture also demonstrates some interesting variations in comparison to the cultures in the U.S, U.K, Canada or Australian cultures. You might find yourself in an awkward situation in case you are not able to identify of use hand gestures appropriately. The most convenient way to learn French hand gestures is to learn it first hand from the French themselves.

You might not notice but if you cannot use hand gestures appropriately you might find yourself caught up in difficult situations or ridiculous circumstances. The use of palm is also done exclusively in the French culture. The palm facing inward and outward both demonstrates different meanings.

“V” sign

“The Thumbs-up” or the “V” sign in the French culture demonstrates good luck or victory. The thumbs-up gesture is associated with a positive sign whose use has found a profound meaning since World War II.

“Dog Call”

Another interesting hand gesture is the “Dog Call”. Curling ones index finger towards one’s own self is indicative of seduction that is most popular with ladies. This gesture is used to call men to follow the women into the room.

“A- OK”

“A- OK” sign is popular in the French culture. It is used to indicate appreciation. This hand gesture denotes agreement. It is also indicative of “great” or “fine”.

French hand gestures have many similarities with gestures used in any other part of the world. However, French hand gestures are most common with French people and denizens and also demonstrates sharp contrast at times.

If you are an entrepreneur, or your work requires that you constantly interact or communicate with French people it becomes utmost essential that you be able to correctly interpret French Hand gestures. By just being able to identify French hand gestures in the right fashion and understanding its meaning just the way its meant to be will facilitate you with a leverage that can assist you to work out business deals or negotiate in a professional manner.

Learning French hand gestures can be a tough task for you if French is not your first language or if you do not have exposure to the French culture. It will indeed take practice, dedication and ample amount of work. It might also be a good thing to rent French movies, watch French Videos or movie clips. Consistently talking or interacting with people who speak French as their first language can also help you a great deal to retain the essential French hand gestures that are of use to you.

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