Diagnostic Face Reading can keep you healthy!

Face is not only the index of mind but also an index to our entire body and its organ systems. A smiling face makes you think that the person is happy and that can be true or fake at times too because smiling during sadness is a bit easier. But you can’t hide certain other things like age or weakness of organs or stress even when you smile. We can easily arrive that a person is in real stress if his or her face is a bit reddish. Now this cannot be hidden at all and to know such things from a face, you will have to make yourself aware of the diagnostic face reading chart.

Diagnostic face reading chart has certain points on your face which when observed keenly can give you a hint or to be exact, an insight into the functioning of your body organs. For example, the heart is represented at three places – the nose, the area below the nose till upper lip and the ear lobes. Now if you find something weird in this area then it means there is some malfunctioning in your heart. The thing which is indigestible is that people were trained in face reading for centuries but later on became addicted to this advertising world and fast food culture thus taking lot of toxins and harming their body. People found the following about face reading during Egyptian culture and used it for effective diagnosis of diseases and remedies.

“Diagnostic face reading and the Holistic You” is one such rare kind of book which deals with face reading and diagnosis written by Roger Bezanis. Bezanis has dealt with more than a half million people and given a practical approach of reading face and arriving at our diagnosis with conviction. What he says is very simple – just listen to what your body is saying. Your body and the entire system will give some symptoms to you through your face. If you just keep a watch on your face very often, you can very well figure out the symptoms and work on healing it in a natural way. By natural, I mean by taking natural diet, preventing toxins and living with nature.

Even as you grow older, your face should look bright and when it looks dull it means that your body organs are not functioning properly. Wrinkles, redness, moles or irritations are symptoms thrown by your body on your face to make you aware that the time to take care of your body has come. That illustrates the reason why men before centuries were able to live for centuries (I mean their age) and now we are struggling to live for six to seven decades itself. Bezanis explains all these things in his book with more than hundred tips to diagnose the problems faced by your body. He helps in decoding the symptoms rightly and helping us to move ahead in healing them as well.

Raw food is something he recommends for healthy and long life. With the advent of toxins, many diseases are created and business fortunes too. The book gives you an insight into the importance of face reading and curing the diseases like Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Depression, Arthritis, and Flu by ourselves. Apart from this book, if you have a desire to know more about the map key and face reading chart in detail, you can have a thorough read of “The Wisdom of Your Face: Change your Life with Chinese Face Reading” by Jean Haner. We are aware of the acupuncture treatment followed by Chinese people where they have certain points in the body to cure major illness and so there is no need in explaining the importance of Chinese in the field of face reading!

Diagnostic face reading is a skill to be practiced for a long time and which will give better results when practiced with relaxed face. Come on and explore the art of reading human’s health by looking their face itself. You will find that diseases will stand at your door and will really think to come inside your house. So, this is the time for us to change the proverb – “Face is the index of mind!” And it is obvious for you to know the reason at least by now!

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