Communication skills worksheet for kids to Improve Their Personality

Some parents think that children may learn to communicate effectively by themselves. Therefore parents do not put any extra attention to develop the communication skills of their children. But you should remember that every parent responsible for teaching effective communication practices to their children. Parents should give their attention to develop the communication process which is carried by their kids from the birth.

By identifying communication gaps and weaknesses they have, parents need to guide their kids towards effective communication practices because communication will play a major role in children’s personality development and future achievements. Daily conversations with children will lay a good foundation to their communication skill improvements. But apart from that, you need to give your special attention and effort to develop certain areas of the kid’s communication. Use this communication skills worksheet for kids to improve their polite conversational skills and make them perfect for future. 

Teach your kids to make perfect eye contacts during conversations. Direct eye contacts will help to show the interest you have on a particular conversation and it also gives respect. Therefore teach children to make direct eye contacts when talking with someone and explain that looking away is not a good manner. Practice this skill with your kid by making direct eye contacts with him during conversations.

Talk with your child clearly and correctly. Do not make rushing speech with the kid and always use good grammar and pronunciation. Your clear conversations will help your child to learn how to talk clearly. Keep your attention on his speaks. Correct errors without embarrassing him.

Do not interrupt when your child talks. Practice turns during conversations. Train your child to do the same. Teach them not to interrupt during conversations.

When developing the communication skills of your child you should give more attention on developing their listening skills as well. Listening plays a major role in effective communication. Hence train your kid to be a good listener. Model yourself by paying attention when your kid talks and by making appropriate response. Ask questions and repeat key phrases back to show that you are listening to him. Show your interest on what child say.

Enter into conversations politely. It is a good practice when entering to a conversation. If you can demonstrate this manner always in front of your children, they will follow you. Also you should teach your children how to behave politely if someone newly joint to an active group conversation.  Teach them to smile at the new comer and to greet him and make introduction.

Another skill you should teach to your kids is the way of walking away from an active conversation. Teach them to leave conversations by saying pleasant words such as “I have some urgent works to do and so I should go now. Anyways it is really nice talking to you.”

Controlling the volume is another important communication skill you should teach to your child. Teach them about the different voice patterns and volume levels that need to be used during different situations.

Teaching about nonverbal communication and body languages are important. Explain them about the bad manners such as yawning at a speaker, rude facial expressions, hair twisting etc. Train them on perfect body languages.

Help your child to develop his interpersonal skills

Children should have proper understanding about building relationships and making friends. It is true that many children have natural talent in making friendships and most of the times it comes as life skill. But as the parent, you are responsible to develop and polish good interpersonal communication skills of your child to make him strong during friendships.

Here are some training materials you can use to develop interpersonal skills of your kid.

Role-playing: Let your child to practice role-plays with you. It will help to remove his shy or awkward.

Modeling: As explained above, modeling is one of the great ways to teach interpersonal skills. Therefore show good interpersonal skills of yours during communication processes. Your child will follow you.

Play dates: As an adult, invite to other kids to join with your kid during social activities. Do not assume that your kid can do this always. Therefore help him by setting up the initial step of making friendships.

Teach to treat a friend: Teach your kid about the good behaviors and attitudes that others appreciate. Train him to behave well with other before go to a social event.

Likewise, giving real time communication activities to kids, they will receive good opportunities to learn and practice social skills, effective communication methods as well as good interpersonal skills. Parents and teachers have a bigger responsibility to setup good communication exercises and activities for kids. Hence use above tips and instructions to create a proper communication skills worksheets for kids and setup learning goals and expectations for your children to become effective and polite communicators.

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