Communication Barriers

The fact that one must possess good communication skills in order to make life convenient cannot be undermined. Effective communication skill is utmost essential for life functions. Be it at home, school or in a work-place good communication skills is vital for every aspect of life.

Communication barriers are representative of the hindrances that occur while communicating.  Communication barriers can be caused due to various reasons. The most common factors causing communication barriers are psychological. The psychological state of the human mind, many a times, is the key factor determining how effectively he or she communicates. The human mind creates defenses against undesired events and circumstances. Human beings tend to avoid things that are unpleasant to them. Language also creates communication barriers. For instance, it becomes tough for people to communicate if they speak different languages. In such a scenario, communication barriers are strong and the message that is intended to be expressed is often blurred. Many a times, distractions like poor lighting, extreme environment (too hot or too cold), background noise etc, also has the potential to bring about communication barriers as it can affect one's concentration level. Communication barriers when exists in any organization or business causes a great deal of damage to its productivity. Communication barriers that often exist in an organization are physical. For instance, when the employees are located in different sites or buildings it becomes hard for them to communicate effectively. In case the organization lags in communicative technology communication barriers can be hazardous and invite a lot of problems. Many a times, information gap and communication barriers can also be caused if an organization is under staffed.

Communication barriers can also exist due to difference in the ideologies or the presence of conflicts.  It is essential that we identify our communication barriers and work towards rectifying it. The most practical way or approach to get rid of communication barriers is to communicate more and more and at different levels.

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