Body language when falling in love

Behavior analysis has been one of the most influential studies of psychology. Communication has a lot to do with sign, signifier and the signified (as identified by Ferdinand de Saussure). Communication is not confined to spoken language only. Body language also forms a crucial part of communication. It is potential to convey strong messages. A lack of knowledge about how to efficiently understand and decipher these messages can be fatal when it comes to matters of love and attraction.

You may strongly like someone or even be in love with this person. However, you have no idea as to whether this person feels the same way about you. You wish you could be more sensitive to his or her needs in an attempt to draw attention to him or her. You wish you could read the body language when falling in love. You wish to receive signs of attractions. You wish to experience ‘that someone fall in love with you’.

You may be getting all the right vibes but oblivious to the language: signs of attraction, you may have just been postponing the right move. The matter is further complicated because even if someone is extremely attracted to you or loves you like crazy he/she is not going to express his/her feeling directly until he/she gets a hint that you hold the same emotions. This has everything to do with ‘Security’. We fear that we will be rejected; we fear that we will fail. 

So we come to the core question of importance. How do I go about recognizing the body language? How do I go about knowing whether someone loves me or not?

There are different ‘body languages when falling in love’ for men and women. To be able to recognize body language takes shrewd eye and dedication. You should be willing to analyze the behavior of the opposite sex closely.

For instance, when a guy takes notice of a girl he finds attractive he might straighten his back subtly in an attempt to look taller, even expand his chest and suckle in his gut. On the other hand, women will draw attention to their long hair, emphasize their hips by crossing her legs, and even draw attention to their cleavage. It is also likely for a female to frequently position her head sideways to expose the delicate and vulnerable neck suggesting sexual preference for the male. Their wrist is also vulnerable like their neck which denotes weakness and a need to be controlled.

The eyes play a vital role when it comes to body language. Eyes are considered windows to the soul. The first sign that he or she is interested in you is eye contact. The duration of eye contact gives you a vibe as to whether he/she is interested in you. It must last a few seconds. The girl may look away after a few seconds of contact as if to signal that she is not interested. However, if she does make eye contact the second time, it confirms that she is interested in you and that you may make your move. Many a times, eye contact may be followed by a smile. This is indicative of the females’ interest in the male and vice versa.

Men’s body language signs differ from that of women’s, however they both are similar in the aspect that both tend to emphasize the gender differences and focus on the characteristic signs that are common to their individual gender.

Men’s sign are also limited and not appealing as women’s. The most common male body language signs have indeed to do with the display of strength or muscles, tall stature and their crotch.

When a male is interested in a female, to draw her attention he will either consciously or unconsciously use the package gesture. If the male’s feet are pointing towards you when he is talking as an active member of a group, it signals that he is interested in you. Other signs of a man being interested in you is him looking constantly at your mouth (this signals his desire to kiss you).

Women’s signs are numerous in comparison to those of men. It might be because they have a far more flexible body then men, or because of the presence of greater number of nerve sensors in their body then men. Women are sensitive to touch; hence when a woman is attracted to a man she may reveal it via touching or caressing her own body parts. She may touch her face, her neck, her thigh and her belly in a sensual manner. To a shrewd eye it must be clear that the lady is dispersing her desire to be touched which is a strong sign of attraction and love.

A woman may also flip her hair backwards in an attempt to show her face better at the same time exposing her arm pit. While doing this the sex perfume, pheromone scent is released. This works to seduce males. If a woman is constantly wetting her lips while talking to you it is a sign that she is attracted to you. Women have larger hips than that of men for the purpose of reproduction. Women may make use of the hips (its movement and positioning) to seduce or attract the opposite sex.

To understand ‘body language when falling in love’ it should be kept in mind that attraction and love happens across two planes: conscious and the subconscious of the mind. The transition between the conscious and the unconscious is the time when lovers feel most romantic. The ‘love feeling’ is heightened most before going to bed and after just waking up because at these times the distinction between the conscious and the subconscious is almost negligible.

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